Environmental Perspectives of the Hydrographical Features of Three Diffrent  Poinds in Kokkallur Region of Balussery Panchayat, Kozhikode District

Rajan, Divya S; M, Vismaya C


The world’s   pond ecosystems are being threatened by many  factors. These include a variety   of  anthropogenic  activities ,which entail urgent  need of research and education programs  to create awareness  in the  society  for their  protection  and conservation. In the present work,  hydrographical features  of  three  different ponds in Kokkallur region of Balussery  panchayath of Kozhikode district was monitored .The  study   was  conducted on  three ponds   in  Kokkallur    village   namely  ,  Chenery   pond,   Parakulam  pond,   Muryankulangara pond   .   The objectives of  the study  were  to investigate    the  seasonal  variations  of   hydrographical features such as temperature, pH, transparency, salinity ,  carbon dioxide,  dissolved oxygen,  Biological  Oxygen  Demand  and  primary  productivity of the selected ponds.   Water samples  were  collected   during   the  year   2019-2020  from  the study  area  and  the  hydrographical features   were   analysed   with  respect  to the   seasons  following    standard   methods.   The   study   indicated   that there   is a  pronounced    variation  of most of the  water   quality   parameters    with     variations    in   season.  The  alteration  of  these    water  quality   parameters  may  provide  an early   warning   signal   about      the   degradation     of  these    pristine    ecosystems.   The pond   water  quality   is  degraded    mainly   due   to   discharge   of  wastes    from   residential   area ,    sewage outlets  ,   soil   wastes,  detergents  and  automobile  oil   wastes .   The   findings  of   the  present  study   also    provide   a  better   understanding   of   this    damaged   ecosystem   and   remind   the  need  for    the    rejuvenation    of   these    natural    paradise   for enhancing the fishery potential and maintaining the ecological sustenance of this fresh water ecosystem. The main objective of this study is to disseminate information on importance of ponds for their effective conservation and management strategies, especially in India’s current scenario. The available studies show that the ponds in India are under threat due to increase in pollution rates and encroachment.


Hydrographical Features; Salinity; DO; BOD; COD

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