Biomonitoring Of Butterfly Diversity In The CSIR-NEERI Premises, Nagpur, MS, India

Kosankar, Sharda Prashant


The study presented in this paper depicts the richness of butterflies in the CSIR-NEERI Campus in Nagpur city. The biomonitoring of butterflies was conducted with the help of the 'Line Transact Method'. A total of 33 species were observed belonging to five families. The Nymphalidae family was found to have greater diversity while the family Hesperidae showed lesser diversity. The diversity is differentiated into further four strata such as Rare (R), Very Rare (VR), Common (C), and Very Common (VC), etc. The feeding processes of lepidopteran species, as well as their habitat and host plant interactions, were observed. The existence of floral diversity at the CSIR-NEERI premises supports good butterfly diversity.


Biomonitoring; Butterfly; Floral Status; Host Plant Interaction

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