Vol 80, No 01 (21)

Table of Contents

Rural Development Technology

Design Development and Evaluation of Lever type Maize Sheller

Nandede, BM 11-16

Ultrasound Pre-treated Osmotic Dehydration of Elephant Apple (Dillenia indica) Slices

Mishra, Smrutimayee ; Rayaguru, Kalpana ; Nayak, Prakash Kumar 17-22

Mechanical Engineering

Correlations for Fins with Impacting air Jets type Solar Air Heater

Goel, Abhishek Kumar; Singh, S N 23-26

Mining Engineering

An empirical approach of modeling and assessment for the safe use of commercial electric detonators in radio frequency radiation hazards


Singh, Jitendra Kumar 27-33

Computer Science & Information Technology

Optimizing Plastic Extrusion Process via Grey Wolf Optimizer Algorithm and Regression Analysis

Karaoglan, Aslan Deniz 34-41
India’s rank and global share in scientific research: how publication counting method and subject selection can vary the outcomes? PDF
Singh, Vivek Kumar; Arora, Parveen ; Uddin, Ashraf ; Bhattacharya, Sujit 42-50
Deep Learning Approach to Recognize COVID-19, SARS and Streptococcus Diseases from Chest X-ray Images PDF
Verma, Kamal Kant 51-59
A New Efficient Method for the detection of intrusion in 5 G andbeyond Networks using Machine Learning PDF
Yadav, Vikash ; Rahul, Mayur ; Yadav, Rishika 60-65

Machine Learning Techniques to Predict Slope Failures in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand (India)

Kainthura, Poonam ; Sharma, Neelam 66-74

Novel Method for Wind Turbines Blades Damage Classification using Image Processing

Garduño-Ramón, M A; Resendiz-Ochoa, E ; Morales-Hernandez, L A; Osornio-Rios, R A 75-79

Earth, Environment & Atmospheric sciences

Organobentonite as an efficient and reusable adsorbent for cationic dyes removal from aqueous solution
Patanjali, Pooja ; Chopra, Indu ; Mandal, Abhishek ; Singh, Rajeev 80-86

Energy Technology & Management

A Study on the Torrefaction of Rice Husk as an Attempt to Enhance Its Energy Content

Mandefro, Dejene ; Jabasingh, S Anuradha 87-90

Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research