Understanding the Connotation, Impact and Measurement Concerning Informatization of Science Popularization in China

Hu, Junping ; Zhong, Qi ; Luo, Hui


Informatization is the new direction of the effort in the field of science popularization in China. It refers to the change not only in the technological approach and the channels of science popularization, but also to the idea and the model of science popularization. This paper shed light on the connotation concerning informatization of science popularization (ISP) in three dimensions. It illustrates that ISP produces profound impact on the science popularization practice, the individuals, and society. Regarding practice, ISP in China includes the digitalization period, networking period and intelligentializing period. ISP makes the practice more powerful and efficient. It is of importance for ISP to promote the construction of the knowledge society and create the atmosphere of scientific culture in society. Finally, the measurement framework of ISP is proposed, which aims at promoting the working process and achieving the ultimate goal through a monitoring method.


Informatization, Knowledge Management, Measurement Science Popularization, Information, Education

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