Evaluation of road safety audit implementation on interurban expressway

Gupta, Kamini ; Verma, Rajan ; Rao, A M


The main aim of the road infrastructure development is to provide seamless travel with safety. At the same time, it is very much necessary to make sure that the developed roads are safe in operation. In this direction, the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA) has given due consideration to assess the safety scenario on the project corridor and hence conducted Road Safety Audit (RSA) of the Noida Expressway starting from 0.00 km to 20.00 km through an independent team of experts in the year 2013. The audit team recommended host of measures to improve the road geometrics and safety features to the authority which has been largely implemented by stakeholder. As it is known that Safety Audit (RSA) is a formal examination of the proposed or existing roads and road related areas from the perspective of all road users with the intention of identifying road safety deficiencies and areas of risk that could lead to road crashes. Subsequent to the implementation of the recommended RSA measures it is worthwhile to understand whether the recommended measures have facilitated in enhancing road safety by comparing road accidents. In this paper, analysis is carried out after two years to know how the countermeasures working on the field and up to which extend these are showing effect in reduction of crashes. Minimum of two-year accident data is required to calculate the reduction factors. To know the impact of safety features on road accidents by using CRF value will be used as measure to judge the road investments as the safety improvements are highly economical, to see the investments carried out on the safety implementation.

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