Vol 60, No 04 (2022)


Table of Contents


Conjugation of enrofloxacin with amine functionalized zinc oxide nanoparticle enhances antibacterial activity in vitro PDF
Mulla, Hussain Basha; Bharavi, K ; Jahan, Afroz ; Alpha, M Raj; Rao, GS 233-240
Comparative studies on protective efficacy of gentisic acid and 2-pyrocatechuic acid against 5-fluorouracil induced nephrotoxicity in Wistar rats PDF
Pujari, Rohini R; Bandawane, Deepti D 241-247
Extremely low frequency magnetic exposure attenuates oxidative stress and apoptotic cell death in injured spinal cord of rats PDF
AMBALAYAM, SAJEEV ; Mathur, Rashmi 248-257
Bone impairment in adolescent female rats chronically exposed to ethanol PDF
Ferreira, Railson ; Fernandes, Rafael ; Bittencourt, Leonardo Oliveira; Alvarenga, Maria Olimpia ; Cartágenes, Sabrina ; Fernandes, Luanna ; Maia, Cristiane ; Lima, Rafael 258-262
Potential of X-ray imaging to detect citrus granulation in different cultivars with progress in harvesting time PDF
Nayak, Swarajya Laxmi; Sethi, Shruti ; Sahoo, R N; Dubey, A K; Goel, Swati 263-268
Comparative physiological and histological investigations on resistant and susceptible pomegranate genotypes infected with Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. punicae PDF
Priya, B Tanuja; Murthy, B NS; Laxman, R H 269-279


Anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities of imidazolyl triazolo hydroxamic acid derivatives PDF
Pal, Dilip Kumar; Saha, Supriyo ; Kumar, Sushil 280-285
Synergistic effect of folic acid and galantamine against experimentally induced oxidative stress in IMR 32 cells PDF
Upadhyay, Shagun Dubey; Ahmad, Yusra ; Kohli, Seema ; Sharma, R K 286-292

Indian Journal of Experimental Biology (IJEB)