Thermal and acoustic performance of cement fibreboard and bamboo buildings

Singh, Siddharth ; Chourasia, Ajay ; Bisht, Ravindra Singh ; Yadav, Sameer


The present study evaluates the thermal and acoustic performance of building constructed from aerated concrete-cement fibreboards and bamboo composite. The thermal, humidity, ambient, and indoor temperature parameters are analyzed for a 24-hours cycle from April to May and December to January. The average temperature plot shows the maximum indoor temperature does not exceed 28-32 º C for April to May and 12-16 ºC for December to January for both the buildings. Thermal admittance is observed as 7.3 W/m2 K and 12 W/m2 K for cement fibreboard and bamboo composite buildings respectively. Outdoor to indoor noise reduction (OINR) values at frequencies ranging from 80 Hz to 4000 Hz are noted and analysed. The maximum noise isolation provided by cement fibreboard and bamboo composite walls are found to be ~40 dBA and 35 dBA at 500 Hz. With proper ventilation and avoidance of direct sunlight in the room, a comfortable atmosphere can be achieved for these buildings.


Bamboo building, Cement fiberboard, Thermal performance, Thermal admittance, Outdoor-indoor noise, Noise isolation

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