Extraction and characterization of various unconventional natural fibres


Yamuna Devi, S ; Annapoorani, S Grace; Yuvaraj, H ; Prakash, C


In this study, various unconventional fibres have been successfully extracted from crop residue of Canna indica, Areca catechu sheath, Caryota urens spadix petiole, and Abelmoschus esculentus, and their physical, chemical, thermal, and mechanical properties are studied. High cellulose contents of the fibres (20.5-67 wt%) provide better tensile strength (525-563MPa) and ensure better bonding with the matrix. Moreover, the low density of the fibre (1.37-1.44 gcm−3) makes it an alternative to hazardous synthetic fibres. The lower crystal size (0.5-12.9nm) structure tends to absorb more water than the higher crystal size structure. The thermogravimetric analysis confirms its stability up to 150-300°C, which is higher than the polymerization temperature. These characteristics show that  the fibre may be effortlessly converted into nonwoven fabrics.


Abelmoschus esculentus;Areca catechu sheath;Biodegradable textile;Canna indica;Caryota urens spadix;Curcuma longa petiole;Eco-friendly textile;Lignocellulosic;Natural fibres;Thermal analysis

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