New records and distribution pattern of mangrove-associated cyanobacteria of South West Coast of India

Ram, A T ; Paul, P T


Diversity and species composition of mangrove-associated cyanobacteria from the South West Coast of India showed the occurrence of 16 species representing 3 orders, 6 families, and 10 genera based on morpho-taxonomic characterization, which is supported by the microscopic evaluation. The present study recorded planktic (7 spp.), epipsammic (4 spp.), epiphytic (2 spp.), corticolous (2 spp.) and 1 benthic species. Among these, six taxa were reported for the first time from the marine ecosystem of India. The present study aims to facilitate our knowledge of the taxonomy, diversity, habitat and geographical distribution of the mangrove-associated cyanobacteria in India.


Cyanobacteria, Mangrove ecosystem, Marine, New records, South West Coast of India, Taxonomy

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