First report on the distribution of Elysia bangtawaensis Swennen, 1998 in the mangroves of Udupi district, Karnataka

Veigas, J S ; Sreepada, K S ; Tenjing, S Y


Mangroves are highly threatened tidal forests occurring along estuaries of coastal Karnataka. These forests support a high diversity of flora and fauna, including molluscs and crabs. A recently discovered species of mangrove leaf slug, Elysia bangtawaensis Swennen, 1998 belonging to the superorder Sacoglossa and family Plakobranchidae of Phylum Mollusca, was recorded for the first time in Karnataka from the two mangrove sites, viz. Kodithale and Kannada Kudru of Udupi district. These mangrove leaf slugs were recorded from the tidal pools during post-monsoon and pre-monsoon seasons.


Elysia bangtawaensis, Karnataka, Mangroves, Mangrove leaf slug

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