Vol 51, No 04 (2022)

Table of Contents

Research papers

Response of surface chlorophyll to aerosol dust input in the Central Arabian Sea

Roy, R ; Prakash, S ; Lotliker, A ; Sudhakaran, P S ; Choudhury, S B 297-303

Identification of CaCO3 polymorphs of shellfish by FTIR spectroscopy and evaluation of metals adsorption by powdered exoskeleton shell

Singh, K S ; Sawant, S G 304-309

Evaluation and performance of satellite-derived bathymetry algorithms in turbid coastal water: a case study of Vengurla rocks

Ashphaq, M ; Srivastava, P K ; Mitra, D 310-321

Hatchery production of juveniles of pharaoh cuttlefish, Sepia pharaonis (Ehrenberg, 1831) from stranded eggs and sea ranching along the Thoothukudi coast

Kavitha, M ; Jagadis, I ; Linga Prabu, D ; Kalidas, C ; Ranjith, L ; Willington, S 322-326

Understanding the population parameters for unicorn leatherjacket, Aluterus monoceros (Linnaeus, 1758) exploited along the Western Bay of Bengal

Ghosh, S ; Satishkumar, M ; Manas, H M ; Rohit, P ; Gopalakrishnan, A 327-335

Characterization of Tsunami and Palaeo-tsunami deposits in the Neil Island, South Andaman, India

Sarkar, D ; Bharti, S K ; Hazra, S 336-351
First report on the distribution of Elysia bangtawaensis Swennen, 1998 in the mangroves of Udupi district, Karnataka PDF
Veigas, J S ; Sreepada, K S ; Tenjing, S Y 352-357

Short communications

A note on zoogeographic range extension of Endopachys grayi Milne-Edwards & Haime, 1848 (Scleractinia: Dendrophyllidae) from Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Mondal, T ; Bineesh, K K ; Raghunathan, C 358-362

First record of Bengal reticulated puffer Chelonodontops bengalensis (Tetraodontiformes: Tetraodontidae) from Odisha coast, north-western Bay of Bengal with taxonomic notes

Roul, S K ; Gosh, S ; Rohit, P 363-367

Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences (IJMS)