Low contrast detection factor based contrast enhancement and restoration for underwater images

Bindhu, A ; Maheswari, O Uma


Marine ecosystem is the largest of earth’s aquatic ecosystems. It includes salt marshes, coral reefs, deep sea, sea floor, etc. To learn deep about the activities taking place inside, underwater imaging is a tool. But these images lack in contrast and brightness leading to the lack of information in the ocean activities. To enhance such low contrast underwater images, Low Contrast Detection Factor (LCDF) is proposed in this study. It uses the value, saturation and hue to enhance the low contrast regions and to restore the color.  Quality assessment is done to substantiate the proposed algorithm. It is found that the entropy gives an average of 7.3. No-reference Quality Metrics such as Natural Image Quality Evaluator and Blind/ Referenceless Image Spatial Quality Evaluator shows an average value of 3.6 and 22.5, respectively. The blur metrics shows a value of 0.21. The quality metrics indicates that the naturalness of the underwater image is maintained while the contrast of the underwater image has increased.


Contrast enhancement, HSV color space, Low Contrast Detection Factor (LCDF), Underwater

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