Applications of artificial intelligence in ship berthing: A review

Imran, M H M ; Ayob, A F ; Jamaludin, S


Ship berthing operations in restricted waters such as ports requires the accurate use of onboard-vessel equipment such as rudder, thrusters, and main propulsions. For big ships, the assistance of exterior supports such as tugboats are necessary, however with the advancement of technology, we may hypothesize that the use of artificial intelligence to support ship berthing safely at ports without the dependency on the tugboats may be a reality. In this paper we comprehensively assessed and analyzed several literatures regarding this topic. Through this review, we seek out to present a better understanding of the use of artificial intelligence in ship berthing especially neural networks and collision avoidance algorithms. We discovered that the use of global and local path planning combined with Artificial Neural Network (ANN) may help to achieve collision avoidance while completing ship berthing operations.


Artificial intelligence, Berthing, Collision avoidance, Ship design, Ship maneuvering

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