Vol 50, No 11 (2021)

Table of Contents

Review papers

Applications of artificial intelligence in ship berthing: A review

Imran, M H M ; Ayob, A F ; Jamaludin, S 855-863

A comprehensive review of driving mechanisms in amphibian spherical robots

Bahar, M B ; Abdullah, S S ; Aras, M S M ; Harun, M H ; Zohedi, F N 864-872

Collision avoidance control for Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (UAV): Recent advancements and future prospects

Harun, M H ; Abdullah, S S ; Aras, M S M ; Bahar, M B 873-883

Research papers

Responsive surging, heading and diving controls of autonomous underwater vehicle based on brute forcing and smoothing of controllers

Yahya, M F ; Arshad, M R ; Majid, M H A 884-889

Recursive parameter identification for second-order K-T equations of marine robot in horizontal motion

Zhong, Y M ; Yu, C Y ; Liu, C H ; Liu, T M ; Wang, R ; Lian, L 890-896

Task allocation based multi-agent reinforcement learning for LoRa nodes in gas wellhead monitoring service

Ismail, Z H ; Hong, B L L ; Elfakharany, A 897-903

Variable Gain Super Twisting Sliding Mode Control (VGSTW) application in longitudinal plane of Autonomous Underwater Glider (AUG)

Mat-Noh, M ; Arshad, M R ; Mohd-Mokhtar, R 904-913

Fault diagnosis of the constant current remote power supply system in CUINs based on the improved water cycle algorithm

Zuo, M J ; Xiang, G ; Hu, S 914-921
Roll motion compensation by active marine gyrostabiliser PDF
Yap, Z H ; Tang, C H H ; Kang, H S ; Quen, L K ; Nur, T 922-929

Dynamic positioning of ship using backstepping controller with nonlinear disturbance observer

Dong, D ; Li, J ; Yang, S ; Xiang, X 930-937

Adaptive control simulation for multiagent autonomous underwater cleaning robot

Amran, Y ; Mohd Razali, N S ; Isa, K 938-943

Numerical investigation of added mass coefficient of a subsea manifold in the accelerating flow and oscillating flow

Xiang, G ; Xiang, X B ; Yu, X C 944-953

Ultrasonic transducer tuning using wafer bonding method

Harun, J W ; Yaacob, M I H 954-959

Sea-surface object detection scheme for USV under foggy environment

Zhang, T ; Liu, X ; Lib, Y ; Zhang, M 960-968

Single beacon underwater navigation method in the presence of unknown effective sound velocity, clock drift and inaccurate beacon position

Yu, X ; Qin, H-D ; Zhu, Z-B 969-977

COLREGs-compliant dynamic collision avoidance algorithm based on deep deterministic policy gradient

Xu, X L ; Zhou, X L ; Cai, P ; Chu, Z Z 978-987

Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences (IJMS)