Vol 50, No 07 (2021)

Table of Contents

Research papers

Evolution mechanism of contrasting phases of consecutive IOD events from 1994 to 1998 PDF
Anil, N ; Ramesh Kumar, M R; Sajeev, R ; Saji, P K 521-532

A preliminary study on the environmental factors triggering frequent bloom of diatom Asterionellopsis glacialis (Castracane) Round 1990 along west coast of Bay of Bengal

Padhi, S K; Patro, S ; Sahu, B K ; Baliarsingh, S K ; Sahu, K C 533-541
Variabilities in the community structure of phytoplankton in the upwelled and non-upwelled waters of southeastern Arabian Sea during the early summer monsoon PDF
Twinkle, S ; Thomas, L C ; Padmakumar, K B 542-549

Acute toxicity of two organophosphorus pesticides to the early-life stage offlathead grey mullet, Mugil cephalus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Dake, A S ; Pawar, A P ; Sanaye, S V ; Sreepada, R A 550-556
Forecasting quarterly landings of total fish and major pelagic fishes and modelling the impacts of climate change on Bombay duck along India’s north-western Gujarat coast PDF
Yadav, V K ; Jahageerdar, S ; Adinarayana, J 557-565
The occurrence of phosphorites on the Calicut mount, off Kerala, Lakshadweep Sea, India
Gopakumar, B ; Anil Kumar, A ; Sardar, S K 566-573

Quantification and polymer characterization of sediment microplastics along theGolden beach, Puri, India

Singh, V ; Chakraborty, S ; Chaudhuri, P 574-584

Short communications

Tube dwelling gastropod an indicator of coral reef status at the tropical reef of Palk Bay region, southeast coast of India

Adhavan, D ; Prakash, S ; Amit Kumar 585-587

The first record of the rare stenopodidean shrimp Engystenopus palmipes Alcock & Anderson, 1894 (Crustacea: Decapoda) from Southeastern Arabian Sea, India

Apreshgi, K P ; Padate, V P ; Cubelio, S S ; Saravanane, N 588-590

An insight on the distribution of Evelineus mcintoshii (Langerhans, 1880) (Nemertea, Heteronemertea, Lineidae) along the Eastern Arabian Sea

Mohan, S ; Viswambharan, D ; Sasikumar, G 591-594

Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences (IJMS)