Phytochemical profiling and antioxidant activity of Leea macrophylla
Roxb. ex Hornem.-in vitro study

Mahato, Dipa ; Sharma, H P


Leea macrophylla Roxb. ex Hornem., a traditional medicinal plant reported remedies for diseases in rural India. However, proper justification and validation of their traditional practice are lacking. Hence this study was done to explore a comprehensive account of phytochemical profiling and antioxidant activities. The presence of phenols, tannins, alkaloids, saponins and flavonoinds was confirmed through phytochemical screening. After estimation of the phytochemical, we get 104.05 mg of GAE/g of phenol, 94.78 mg of GAE/g of tannins, 21.40 mg/g of alkaloids, 05.50 mg/g of saponins and 117.98 mg of QE/g of flavonoids. Its further analysis takes place through GC-MS, get 14 bioactive compounds, which have more than 1% peak area. They had already reported a good medication value in various remedies. The antioxidant test, through DPPH assay, shows, IC50 values of L. macrophylla is 51.31 µg/mL and gallic acid (taken as standard) have 39.91 µg/mL. By comparing with gallic acid, it can be concluded that Leea macrophylla also has a good antioxidant activity.


Antioxidant; GC-MS; Hathikan; Leea macrophylla; Phytochemicals

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