Damage assessment and management of fruit bat, Pteropus giganteus using traditional method of artificial light in ber crop

Ali, Shahid ; Singh, Rajwinder ; Brar, Jaswinder Singh


Traditional method of artificial light was evaluated against fruit bat, Pteropus giganteus in ber (Ziziphus jujube) orchards of Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana during 2017-18 and 2018-19, since; no study has been done in Punjab to assess ber fruit damage and management of fruit bats. Ber is a tropical and deciduous fruit crop which is damaged by different pests among which fruit bats are important ones. Our results reported P. giganteus damage to ber fruits which was economical and ranged from 9.72-11.6% and per tree from 9.96-13.40 kg having yield of 103.3-117.0 kg. Damage of fruit bats was minimized by using traditional and eco-friendly method of artificial light using LED bulbs having different watts, which requires only one time initial cost. It is concluded that on installation of 16 LED bulbs/acre of 30 watt power at a distance of 50 feet from each other in downward position at height of 6 feet above top of tree canopy in orchard having 72 trees planted at recommended distance of 25×25 feet, we can reduce fruit bat damage to minimum level. This non-lethal and non-polluting method can give huge net economic return of Rs. 10646.0/acre to ber fruit growers which will increase their farm income and also helps in bat conservation.



Artificial light method, Ber crop, Fruit bats, LED bulb, Pteropus giganteus

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