Systematic validation of anti-inflammatory activity of raw drug samples in Holostemma annulare (Roxb.) K. Schum


Smithadevi, PS ; Anusha, P ; PREETHA, TS


The tuberous roots of Holostemma annulare are utilized as the drug Jivanti in Ayurvedic medicine system. There is a huge demand of root tubers of this plant by pharmacies. Conversely, there are reports concerning adulteration in market samples of Jivanti resulting in damaging effect on the quality of drug formulations. Till now there is no significant study to relate the source plants available in markets as Jivanti. A meticulous phytochemical profiling especially of the roots is still a lacuna and no studies have been carried out yet regarding this. We focused on this concept and analyzed the anti-inflammatory activity by means of proteinase inhibition assay, as well as COX and LOX inhibition assays in the root samples collected from homestead cultivation (HS) and from an authenticated trade shop in Thiruvananthapuram (TS). Among the two samples, TS exhibited comparable anti-inflammatory activity to HS which further confirms the authenticity of the genuine drug in the preparation of Ayurvedic formulations. The study provides a scientific rationale in using Holostemma roots in traditional drug preparations for diseases linked with inflammation and also throw light in fortifying molecular approaches in validating elite raw drugs in order to supplement genuine samples for pharma needs.



Anti-inflammatory, COX, Holostemma annulare, LOX, Proteinase, Tuberous roots

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