Exploring the potency of Ayurveda in pandemic caused by COVID-19 on scientific parameters


Chaudhary, Anand K


Ayurveda is a time tested medical science of Indian subcontinent and being practiced with legal recognitions by the Government. The causative factors of existence of Ayurveda in Indian culture are its indicative positive lifestyle and its holistic therapeutic doctrine to treat a disease. In this pandemic of COVID, all most every citizen is looking for its preventive and curative measures. All leading health agencies are advocating that the innate immunity of an individual is a boon for the prevention of infection from coronavirus and helps in curative protocol effectively. Ayurvedic measures and medicines may be an answer to the global question “how to enhance immunity”. The leadership of India comprising administration and science are looking for scientific validation of claims of immunity boosting through Ayurvedic measures and medicines. Here is a need of robust research protocol to get the Ayurvedic measures and medicines in the terms of contemporary science as per the norms of CDSCO, ICMR and CSIR for medicine for the global acceptance of Ayurveda in service of ailing humanity due to different diseases and at present COVID-19.


Ayurveda, COVID, Curative, Immunity, Propyhylaxis

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