Combating COVID-19 with Holistic Approach of Ayurveda

Nesari, Tanuja ; Kajaria, D


Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medical system is a rational and practical way for the systemic study of life through its unique holistic approach. It differs from other medical system in the manner it defines health, disease and the systematic enterprises to achieve the healthy life. COVID-19 is an emerging pandemic that ensnared the human race and endanger millions of life. Currently, COVID-19 become the biggest health problem for the society because of its sudden appearance, unknown pathogenesis, difference in the pattern of the disease in different countries, difference in mortality rate, testing variability, absence of unanimous health strategy, difference in sign and symptoms, etc. Complexities appears in successful management of the disease because it open two front war (1) to prevent it from spreading; as it is highly contagious and one contaminated individual has capacity to infect many more at a time by direct or indirect mode of transmission and probably about 10% of cases lead to 80% of the spread (2) to manage the disease and its complications. Prevention is the greatest challenge in the present pandemic and therefore it is requires to have a practical set of rules that can be followed by mass population irrespective of racial, geographical and cultural variation. The article gives a comprehensive review of daily regimen, seasonal regimen, simple spices from the kitchen that works as medicine and moral conduct regimen for the prevention of COVID-19.


Yuktivyapasraya (Rational therapy); Ritucharya (dietary and life style regimen during different season); Daivavyapasraya Chikitsa (Devine therapy); Satvavayajaya Chikitsa (Psychotherapy);

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