Indigenous technical knowledge of Assam for pests management – Exploit potential in organic agriculture


Borkakati, Rudra Narayan; Barman, Sinki ; Saikia, Dilip Kumar; Gogoi, Robin


One neighborhood investigation was conducted amongst 500 farmers of Nagaon, Golaghat, Jorhat and Dibrugarh districts of Central Brahmaputra valley Zone and Upper Brahmaputra valley Zone of Assam. Only 21.8% of farmers completely practiced the indigenous technology knowhow (ITK) for pest management, though 48.4% were aware about ITKs, whereas 41.8% famers apply synthetic chemical driven approaches. A total of 30 different types of ITKs had been collected which weresorted out crop wise and placed in different groups based on their use i.e. rice (20), pulses (1), tuber crops (3), vegetables (2) and fruits (4). It is speculated that a comprehensive study on different ITKs of Assam and their appropriate validation could be the valuable components for organic farming technology.



Assam, Fruits, Insect pest management, Pests, Rice, Traditional knowledge, Vegetables

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