Mindfulness: a traditional Buddhist wisdom to cope with the COVID-19 situation

Sinha, Muktipada ; Mukhopadhyay, Sarjana ; Panda, Bijoy Krishna


Traditional Buddhist wisdom is always universal and relevant for mankind in overcoming suffering, also in disaster situations. Mindfulness as a traditional Buddhist practice has become popular in academic research as well as in public domain during the past three decades. The COVID-19 pandemic has landed us in a lot of anxiety, stress, worry, as well as other unforeseen physical, social, emotional, and economic severities. In this situation, we have a challenge to maintain mental strength, stability and togetherness to cope with this situation. The present paper explores the relevance of mindfulness along with its benefits and mentioning some practices for everyday life in reducing stress, anxiety, fear, worry, unnecessary panic towards any threat as well as improving mental health and well-being.


Buddhist wisdom; COVID-19 pandemic; Health & wellbeing; Mental health problems; Mindfulness

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