Belief of Indian Population on Traditional Yoga System During COVID-19 Crisis

verma, sudhanshu ; Kumar, Kamakhya ; Meena, Ruby


Today, the world has suffering a lot from the various psychological disease due to current COVID-19 pandemic crisis, which has been considered as one of the greatest pandemics. Due to this situation the entire world is still suffering and till today the overall death caused by COVID pandemic is approx. 5.9 lacks with a total number of affected people Globally approx. 2.01 Crore.1

Due to this pandemic the world is looking forward for such a medical assistance to ensure health. The medical researcher is involved in doing much research in order to discover a vaccine or medicine to prevent the infection. In the meantime, a few of the medical professionals from India are announcing that this is not a pandemic, it’s just a common flu or influenza and they are announcing openly that to prevent this disease, we have to alleviate our immunity against common cough and cold. With this alleviation of immunity one can prevent himself with these kinds of Corona Viruses.

In the meantime, we the Yoga therapist is also gathering knowledge about this virus, perhaps we are not a medical professional, and we don’t have that much of understanding about the viruses, but still we have an idea that none of the Bacteria, Virus or Fungus can affect a person with higher immunity. This research has an orientation towards alleviating the immunity against Corona virus. It can be considered as pilot study.

On the other hands, due to this COVID-19 Virus the world is suffering with Stress and anxiety, due to uncertainty of life, to know the perception of common population of Gautam Buddha Nagar towards the Yogic practices we had conducted a study during this pandemic, in which total 350 participants (Male and female) took part (165 professionals and 185 students) and collected the data regarding their perception about Yogic Practices. Under the umbrella of evidences, it can be stated that younger peoples have more belief and shown their interest in yogic Practices than Elderly people. The result has a significant difference at 0.01 level of confidence. Thus, the perception is true that Yoga has a potential to buffer the overall management of health and immunity of one who practice the Yogic techniques on a daily basis.


COVID-19 Crisis; Immunity; Stress; Yoga

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