Indigenous technical knowledge on the medicinal uses of natural resins and gums in India



Thombare, Nandkishore ; Kumari, Usha ; Sakare, Priyanka ; Chowdhury, Arnab Roy; Lohot, Vaibhav D; Prasad, Niranjan


India has a rich heritage of species biodiversity. Many plant species and their products, especially resins and gums, have been used by people through Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) to cure several ailments, including complex diseases, for ages. Due to the probable side effects of modern drugs, the trend for using traditional medicines is increasing. Natural resins and gums (NRGs), which are mostly exudated from plants to heal their injuries, comprise a balance of nutrients, energy, and various phytoactive compounds and hence possess high medicinal values. It is required to document know-how related to the use of herbal products so that they can be scientifically established for exploring their potential. This review discusses the medicinal benefits of important natural resins and gums to highlight their potential and popularity as a medicine.



Gum, Herbal, Plant, Resin, Traditional medicine

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