Deforestation: Facts, Cause, Effects, And Control Strategies

Sumit, Mr. ; Kumar, Vivek


Deforestation and downgrade of forests create massive problems in ecological cycle of the world. In todays world deforestation is occurring rapidly, especially in tropical regions where forests are cut down and acres of area are clear cut every year .Deforestation can also effect on climate change, soil erosion, water cycle, loss of species and have an effect on biodiversity. Recently the huge threat to the forest and wildlife are because of Deforestation and degradation to forests worldwide as over half of the tropical forests worldwide have been destroyed since 1960s and every second more than a hectare of forests is destroyed or drastically degraded. The forests is still there but with less number of trees, species, plants and animals. Degradation can cause the forests less valuable and may lead to deforestation. Deforestation is the clearing Earth’s forests on a large scale and damaged the quality of land. Forests still cover about 30% of the worlds land area but the sizes of panama are lost in each and every year.


Downgrade of forests; Climate change; Deforestation; Species

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