Geospatial Assessment of Dal and Nigeen Lakes, Srinagar, India: an impact of anthropogenic activities

Dey, Jaydip ; Vijay, Ritesh


Anthropological activities play a crucial role in physical as well as biological environs of lake. Discharge of sewage into the lake is a threat to its quality and hygiene. In this study, it is observed that Dal lake is receiving discharges of wastewater from domestic and tourism industry. Sewage has consisted of nutrients like nitrogen, phosphates that are responsible for the growth of algal bloom/ aquatic vascular plants. That unwanted growth of aquatic plants and sprawling all over the lake is a significant concern about quality deterioration and aesthetic beauty. In this study, an attempt has been made to assess the spread of aquatic plants in the lakes using geo-spatial technologies. Based on this, measures are suggested to control the anthropological discharges as well as in sites lake treatment since the lake have international importance and source of water supply to the city.


Sewage Pollution; Aquatic Vascular Plants / Algae; Dal Lake; Nigeen Lake; Remote Sensing

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