Investigation of Properties ZnO, CuO and TiO2 Reinforced Polypropylene Composites



Nanotechnology is multidisciplinar science and popularity of nanotechnology is increasing day by day. Materials can be used in many different engineering applications which are produced by nanotechnology production methods. Textile is the one of these areas. The materials which are produced by textile and nanotechnology cooperation, more functional and superior than other products. Desired properties of products can be given the materials finishing process or yarn production. Textile applications of nanotechnology which examples are high strength and electrical properties. Polymer matrix nanocomposites are suitable for textile industry applications. For last years lots of studies have done about polymer matrix nanocomposites.

Polypropylene(PP) has widespread usage area from automative to packaging. Polypropylene fibers have high mechanical strength and light weight. In the light of this  study polypropylene was used as matrix and TiO2, ZnO and CuO used as reinforcement. 110 nm thickness nanocomposites were produced by melt-mixing and sample’s properties were analyzed. According to results 0.5% CuO/PP nanocomposites increased electrical properties 13%. TiO2/PP and ZnO/PP composites more improved mechanical properties than CuO/PP samples. When test results were evaluated together, considered reasons such as ease of application and production, accesibility of raw materials, it was decided that 0.5% TiO2/PP nanocomposite is most suitable


polymer nanocomposites; melt-mixing; polypropylene fiber; TiO2; ZnO

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