Geographic and Within Tree Variation for Wood Properties in Acrocarpus fraxinifolius Wight and Arn. Populations

Ashwath, M N; Sathish, B N; Deepthi, N L Dechamma; Devagiri, G M; Hegde, Ramakrishna K; Hareesh, T S


The study was conducted to compare the wood parameters among nine populations of Acrocarpus fraxinifolius from Southern Karnataka. To understand the variation, three trees from each population were selected and different wood properties, viz., bark-thickness, wood density, specific gravity, fibre parameters and vessel parameters, were analysed. The basic wood density of species was ranged between 0.370 g∙cc−1 to 0.580 g∙cc−1. There was a significant difference in fibre length across the populations, with an average fibre length of 1225.49 µm. There was not much difference in fibre width, fibre lumen width and fibre wall thickness. Vessel parameters, except vessel wall thickness varied among the populations. The vessel length varied from 104.78 μm to 124.71 μm. The wood traits varied among the radial portion i.e., from pith to periphery region. Considering the important wood traits, Shreemangala and Balehonnuru populations were found to be better compared to other populations.


Pink cedar, Radial variation, Species, Trees, Wood parameter

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