Ultrasound Pre-treated Osmotic Dehydration of Elephant Apple (Dillenia indica) Slices

Mishra, Smrutimayee ; Rayaguru, Kalpana ; Nayak, Prakash Kumar


Osmotic dehydration of elephant apple fruit slices was optimized using a Box-Behnken design. Sugar concentration, immersion time and drying air temperature were chosen as the experimental input variables. These were optimized by estimating the desirable osmotic properties and by evaluating the phenolic compounds, antioxidant activity and rehydration ability. The regression coefficients of all the valid response models have been determined and the possible effect of variables at individual and interactive levels has been analyzed. Osmo-air dried elephant apple slices with acceptable quality could be produced by subjecting the raw slices to sugar syrup dipping at 60°Brix, for 4h followed by air drying at a temperature of 55°C.



Ascorbic acid; Box-Behnken design; Optimization; Ultrasound

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