Correlations for Fins with Impacting air Jets type Solar Air Heater

Goel, Abhishek Kumar; Singh, S N


Experimental investigation has been conducted on a collector for non-cross flow configuration. The structure incorporates fins with impinging air jets below the absorber surface. The main aim is to examine the significance of implicating both the methods on heat transfer and thermal performance of the apparatus. Testing covers a prescribed range of operating and geometrical parameters such as, fin spacing (w = 0.03 and 0.06 m), stream-wise pitch (3 cm and 6 cm), dimensions of jet (circular in shape having diameter (Dj) = 6 mm, 8 mm and 1cm), mass flow rate of air (ṁ = 0.056–0.112 kg.s-1) and (Re= 5700–11700) respectively. An appreciable augmentation in thermal performance is noticed by mutual use of fins and air jets. The experimental data collected is further processed to develop correlations for Nusselt number in conjunction with fin and jet parameters of the set up for both the techniques separately.


Nusselt number; Reynolds number; Solar air heater (SAH); Thermal efficiency

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