Strengthening of Load Bearing Masonry Wall Panels with Externally Bonded Precast Textile Reinforced Concrete Laminate

Gopinath, S ; Prabhakar, J ; Madheswaran, C K; Thivya Devi, K G


Textile Reinforced Concrete (TRC) has gained worldwide popularity as a strengthening material for masonry structures in the recent years. As of today, the application of TRC for masonry strengthening is either by cast-in-place methodology or by spraying method. The present work is a first-of-its kind study, which explores the feasibility of using externally bonded precast TRC laminate for strengthening of load bearing brick masonry wall panels. The binder used in TRC itself is used as adhesive for adhering the TRC laminate to masonry wall panels. Experimental investigations were carried out on unstrengthened and strengthened brick masonry wall panels under axial compression and combined axial compression and shear loading. The influence of TRC strengthening system is assessed by examining the performance indicators such as strength, stiffness and deformation. Based on the investigations, the use of externally bonded precast TRC laminate is found to be a feasible solution to strengthen brick masonry walls to have the required structural adequacy.


Brickmasonry strengthening, Compression, Laminate, Precast, Shear loading, Textile reinforced concrete

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