Fuzzy Logic Decision Making by Localization and Recursive Algorithm in Vehicular AdHoc Network

Govindan, Ravi ; Sundararajan, Satish ; Baskaran, Gopinath


Vehicular AdHoc Networks are the most prominent and efficient technology nowadays. It achieves a high gain by using intelligent transportation systems due to their advanced version. Generally, all vehicle users expect low traffic jams and high degree of safety and security during their travel. It can be achieved by technique called Prediction Based Authentication. We present a fuzzy logic based decision making process by localization and recursion algorithm. It satisfies all the above user expectations like availability of alternative path when the travel route is busy and time minimization with low packet loss. In this algorithm we use two metrics namely position and distance metric for the purpose of easy data transmission. In this approach we do not generate any keys for transmitting the data packets. It will be done by using binary values. By creating adversary nodes the information can easily be transmitted to the neighbour nodes so that data loss can be minimized. Here, the system can operate in both online and off line modes.


Distance metric, Fuzzy logic, On the board unit (OBU), Position metric, Road side unit (RSU), Vanets



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