Object Sub-Categorization and Common Framework Method using Iterative AdaBoost for Rapid Detection of Multiple Objects

Rao, B Narendra Kumar; Ranjana, R ; Challa, Nagendra Panini; Chakravarthi, S Sreenivasa; Vellingiri, J


Object detection and tracking in real time has numerous applications and benefits in various fields like survey, crime detection etc. The idea of gaining useful information from real time scenes on the roads is called as Traffic Scene Perception (TSP). TSP actually consists of three subtasks namely, detecting things of interest, recognizing the discovered objects and tracking of the moving objects. Normally the results obtained could be of value in object recognition and tracking, however the detection of a particular object of interest is of higher value in any real time scenario. The prevalent systems focus on developing unique detectors for each of the above-mentioned subtasks and they work upon utilizing different features. This obviously is time consuming and involves multiple redundant operations. Hence in this paper a common framework using the enhanced AdaBoost algorithm is proposed which will examine all dense characteristics only once thereby increasing the detection speed substantially. An object sub-categorization strategy is proposed to capture the intra-class variance of objects in order to boost generalisation performance even more. We use three detection applications to demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed framework: traffic sign detection, car detection, and bike detection. On numerous benchmark data sets, the proposed framework delivers competitive performance using state-of-the-art techniques.


Computer vision, Segmentation, Supervised learning, Traffic scene perception

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