Effect of the solid/liquid ratio on zinc and cadmium uptake on natural and iron-modified zeolite - Batch scale design

Ugrina, Marin


Zinc and cadmium uptake on natural (NZ) and iron-modified zeolite (IMZ) has been investigated through the two sets of experiments, first one with varying S/L ratios at a constant initial metal concentration and second one with different initial metal concentrations at a single S/L ratio. Results confirm the importance of choosing an optimum S/L ratio in achievement of the maximum removal efficiency with the lowest zeolite mass. Two different methods for the design of batch reactor have been applied to overcome the effect of the S/L ratio. The first approach applied the operating line method with the Dubinin-Radushkevich isotherm, and the second one applied the Rayleigh's method of dimensional analysis. The excellent agreement between predicted and experimentally obtained results for the amount of metal removed per gram of zeolite as well as error functions confirm the applicability of both methods in the batch scale design independently of the S/L ratio.


Cadmium; Dimensional analysis; Iron-modified zeolite; Natural zeolite; Reactor design; Zinc

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