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Vol 30, No 3 (2023): Indian Journal of Chemical Technology

Table of Contents


Agro-waste valorization for sustainable economy of sugar mills in India PDF
Patil, U. P.; Patil, S. U. 265-277


Spectral characterizations, Hirshfeld surface analysis and molecular docking studies of new novel NLO 2-(3,4-Dimethoxyphenyl)-3-hydroxy-4H-chromen-4-one PDF
Degradation of Orange G by UV/TiO2/IO4 ‾process: Effect of operational parameters and estimation of electrical energy consumption PDF
chiha, mahdi ; CHAMEKH, Hayet ; AHMEDCHEKKAT, FATIHA ; Souames, Nour elhouda 293-307
Carboxymethylated gum tragacanth crosslinked poly(sodium acrylate)hydrogel: Fabrication, characterization, rheology and drug-delivery application PDF
Tanwar, Meenakshi ; Gupta, Rajinder K; Rani, Archna 308-319
Hydrothermal synthesis of mesoporous TiO2 nanoparticles for enhanced photocatalytic degradation of organic dye PDF
Uddin, Md. Tamez ; Bin Mukhlish, Muhammad Zobayer ; Mondal, Joyanta ; Hossain, Shafiul 320-330
Mentha piperita extract as a natural product for the corrosion inhibition of low carbon steel in a polluted NaCl environment: Chemical, electrochemical and biological studies PDF
Fouda, A. S. 331-341
Evaluation of Punica granatum extract as an environmentally safe corrosion inhibitor for carbon steel in a solution of 1 M sulfuric acid PDF
Elabbasy, Hanaa 342-351
Solar light driven transition metal codoped ZnO (Ag, Ni- codoped ZnO) photocatalyst for environmental remediation PDF
Synthesis, theoretical studies and viscosity correlations of ricinoleic acid based methyl ester soap solution PDF
Comparison study of COD adsorption on bentonite-based nanocomposite materials in landfill leachate treatment: Characterization, Isotherms, Kinetics and Regeneration PDF
Hajjizadeh, Matin ; Goodarzvand Chegini, Zahra ; Mehralian, Mohammad ; Khashij, Maryam 370-378
Antibacterial drug;Carboxy methyl cellulose;Chitosan;Colloidal particles;Drug delivery PDF
Devi, Geetha ; Al Shukaili, Sara ; Al Shukaili, Sara ; Fairuz, Riham ; Fairuz, Riham ; Al Hasheni, Rahma ; Al Hasheni, Rahma 379-384
Amalgamation of copper nanoparticles of assorted size using Nelumbo nucifera (lotus) leaf and its bioelectrical assay PDF
R. Jeeffin Blessikha, JEEFFIN BLESSIKHA 385-391
Removal of lead (II) ion from industrial wastewater by activated carbon prepared from Vitex negundo using batch adsorption studies PDF
vinoth, M ; Arun kumar, A ; Chandrasekaran, T ; Riaz Ahamed, K 392-397
Removal of Chlorpyrifos, Malathion, Dichlorvos and Profenofos by nanocomposite containing AgNP PDF
Malik, Deepak Kumar 398-402

Indian Journal of Chemical Technology (IJCT)