Vol 30, No 4 (2023)

Indian Journal of Chemical Technology

Table of Contents


Graphene-based nanocomposites: An efficient detoxification agent for heavy metal removal from wastewater PDF
Verma, Sanjeev ; Verma, Shivani ; Das, Tapas ; Verma, Bhawna 411-422
Applications of carbon nanotubes in energy storage devices PDF
K, Kanagamani ; P, Geethamani ; P, Muthukrishnan 423-429
Chlorella biomass as a potential source of algal oil: Investigations on optimization of ultrasonic assisted extraction, kinetics and characterization of algal oil PDF
Gurunathan, Baskar ; T, Devi ; R, Pravin 430-434
Antibacterial property of synthetic upper leather treated by garlic and ginger peels extracts PDF
Wodag, Awoke Fenta; Tadesse, Befikadu ; biresaw, Tewachew ; Dessale, Tewodros ; Ahmed, Fitsum Etefa; Teshome, Zerihun 435-440
Effect of the nitrile group in extraction and bulk liquid membrane transport of amino acids PDF
billore, shikha 441-447
In silico analysis of cubebinol for evaluating its efficiency against menacing respiratory ailments PDF
Thiyagarajan, Devasena 448-460
Multiphase pyrolysis of waste expanded polystyrene and in-situ hydrogenation of pyrolysis oil on silica-alumina supported nickel catalyst for the production of fuel range paraffinic and aromatic hydrocarbons PDF
Verma, Anjali ; Pramanik, Hiralal 461-475
Synthesis and characterization of highly substituted pyrazoles using silicaphosphoric acid nanoparticles as a recoverable heterogeneous solid acid catalyst PDF
Yaghmaeiyan, Nahid ; Bamoniri, Abdolhamid ; Khaje, Somayeh 476-482
Electrical impedance analysis of ZnO thin films for ammonia gas sensors PDF
R, Mariappan ; S, Dinagaran ; P, Srinivasan ; S, Vijayakumar 483-491
Investigation of Laurus Tamala leaves extract as an environmentally acceptable corrosion inhibitor for soft steel in 1M HCl: Electrochemical, DFT, and surface characterization techniques PDF
Singular fractional technique for free convective Casson hybrid nanofluid with optically thick medium and shape effects PDF
LISHA, N M ; Avula Golla, Vijaya Kumar 506-523
Hydrogels based on mucilage of underutilized cereals: Synthesis and characterization PDF
Sharma, Ritu ; Gupta, Rajinder K; Rani, Archna 524-533
Pulsatile flow of Jeffrey hybrid nanofluid in a vertical channel with entropy generation PDF
Subramanyam Reddy, A ; Thamizharasan, T 534-546
Sesame lignans as promising anti-inflammatory agent: Exploring novel therapeutic avenues with in silico and computational approach PDF
Chakraborty, Amrita ; Chatterjee, Niloy ; Dey, Sanjit ; Dhar, Pubali 547-559
Effect of atmospheric condition on the thermal decomposition kinetics and thermodynamics of lead acetate trihydrate PDF
Koyundereli ÇILGI, Gülbanu 560-569
Studies on characteristics and corrosion behaviour of chitosan/eudragit RS100 bilayer film coated Ti-6Al-4V PDF
Narayana, Badiadka 570-578

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