Removal of nitrites from waste waters using adsorbents derived from Phyllanthus Neruri plant

Kunta, Ravindhranath ; Mekala, Suneetha


The bio-sorbents prepared from leaves, stems and leaves ashes of Phyllanthus Neruri plants have been investigated for their adsorption abilities towards nitrites from polluted waters adopting batch methods of extractions. Physicochemical parameters such as pH, sorbent dosage, initial nitrite concentration and time of agitation have been optimized for the maximum extraction of nitrites. The effect of commonly found co-ions on the % of extraction of nitrite has been investigated. Freudlich and Langmuir isotherms are plotted and correlation coefficient (R2) value confirmed that the adsorption follows the Langmuir isotherm indicating formation of monolayer on the surface of the adsorbents. Kinetics of adsorption process is analyzed using pseudo first-order and pseudo-second-order equations and found the good correlation with pseudo second-order model. The methodologies are successfully applied in removing nitrites from water samples collected from polluted lakes.


Nitrites; Pollution control; Bio-adsorbents; Phyllanthus Neruri

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