Fabrication and characterization of micro-porous ceramic membrane based on kaolin and alumina

Prabhu, Vandana ; Patwardhan, Anand V. ; Patwardhan, Ashwin W.


Kaolin and α-alumina powders are used to synthesise microporous ceramics using starch as an organic pore-former, and phosphoric acid as an inorganic binder. This work has been carried out to further develop microporous ceramic materials based on alumina-kaolin for filtration purposes. The membranes are characterized using SEM, XRD, permeability, porosity, density, average pore size, chemical stability, shrinkage, and solvent permeation. The ceramics sintered at 1200°C, after being compacted at 14.7 MPa, exhibit porosity of about 32.2±3%. These ceramics show reasonably good permeability as well as mechanical strength. The average pore sizes of these supports found to be approximately between 0.5–1.5 µm and are hydrophilic in nature.


Alumina; Ceramic membrane; Kaolin; Microporous; Phosphoric acid

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