Treatability study of liming waste water in tannery by electro coagulation



The liming waste water from tannery industry creates more pollution problem with the environment. Liming waste water contains higher amount of COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), sulfate, free ammonia and nitrate ion concentration. Lots of treatment methods have been tried by different authors, but the small industries could not give importance to install the treatment methods. So the drawback of liming waste water and the optimum treatment condition for the maximum above 90% removal of COD, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), sulfate, nitrate, chloride and free ammonia by electro coagulation process with different pH, different electrolysis time and electrode distance with varying current density have been analyzed. Finally, the results discuss about the challenges of liming waste water by electro coagulation method.


Liming water; Electro coagulation; Electrolysis time; ;Electrode distance; Energy consumption

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