Process optimization for the recovery of silver from waste X-ray photographic films

Anuradha Jabasingh, S ; Yimam, Abubeker ; Erkua, Mekurialem Demelash


A novel, simple, fast, cheap and pollution free method for utilizing waste X-ray film for silver recovery using sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide by the stripping and precipitation processes, respectively has been reported. The yield of silver by this process is 1.07% w/w at a stripping temperature of 70.88°C, 10.97 min and NaOH concentration of 1.5M. The composition of recovered silver has been determined by XRF and the results are compared with existing literature for the purity of silver. The study warrants the application of NaOH and Na2S to recover silver from used X-ray photographic film.


Silver recovery; Waste photographic film; Sodium hydroxide; XRF

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