Electrochemical and spectral characterization of silver nanoparticles synthesized employing root extract of Curculigo orchioides

Dave, Sushma


A facile eco-friendly approach is employed to prepare silver nanoparticles, using root extract of Curculigo orchioides (family Hypoxidaceae). The aqueous solution of silver ions in contact with root extract of Curculigo orchioides are reduced to zero valent silver and eventually stabilized as silver nanoparticles. An electrochemical approach has been presented to characterise conversion of silver ions into metallic silver in solution. A significant change in cyclic voltammetric characteristics has been observed to mark the transition of metal ion from higher oxidation state to stabilized silver in zero oxidation state. UV-Vis, FTIR, and X-ray diffraction analyses and atomic force microscopy supports the formation of spherical silver nanoparticles within 40 min of reaction time at room temperature.


Biosynthesis; Root extract; Curculigo orchioides; Electrochemical monitoring; Silver nanoparticles

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