Thermo-catalytic conversion of waste polyethene bags into value added products

Shukla, S K


An integrated and sustainable approach has been proposed for materials management for waste polythene bags(WP). In this context, a thermo catalytic degradation of WP yields liquid and solid residue at optimised conditions. The obtained liquid product (LP) and solid residue(SR) has been characterized for structural and different physical properties like flash point, viscosity(dynamic and kinematic), molecular weight, etc using ASTM methods. Thus, obtained results of LP is flash point 265ᵒC, dynamic viscosity 11.99 cp and kinematic viscosity 10.55 cp. These results were compared with existing literature data and suitable application has been projected. Further, SR has also been also characterised as carbon materials with high adsorption capacity along with some metallic impurities. In net conclusive findings of this piece of works expedite the sustainable use of waste plastic with effective ways as a source of value added products.


Waste polyethene; Thermolytic degradation; Value added products; Fuel; Charcoal

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