Green synthesis, swelling behaviour and orthopaedic application of polysaccharide based hydrogel

Biswal, Trinath ; Priyadarsini, Munmun


The bio-composite material Taragum-g-P(MMA-co-AN)/CaO has excellent properties like superabsorbent, biodegradable and antibacterial property having interpenetrating network structures (IPNS) is prepared through the microwave-assisted synthesis method, in aqueous medium by using cobalt complex as the cross-linking agent and APS (Ammonium Persulphate) as an initiator. The maximum swelling percentage (%) is as observed in the different time interval in a vacuum having pH=7. The partial IPNS of the composite now converted into complete IPNS through the impregnation of Taragum chain both in acidic and also in natural conditions. The characterization such as FESEM, FTIR, XRD has been carried out for identification of both partial and complete IPNS structure. The tensile strength, biodegradability, swelling behaviour and antibacterial properties are studied by adopting the suitable procedure. The prepared material is biodegradable, superabsorbent, shows antibacterial property and biocompatibility for which it is used as an excellent material for orthopaedic implants and hard tissue engineering.


Antimicrobial property; Biodegradability; Hydrogel; Super absorbent; Taragum

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