Enhanced adsorption of fluoride by common potters’clay surface modified by zirconium oxide particles

Kalita, Paran Jyoti; Saikia, Dr. Jitu ; Sarmah, Dr. Susmita


The present study aims to enhance the fluoride removal capacity of a low cost material common potters’ clay by surface modification through oxidic particles. Zirconium oxide particles have been supported over the clay surface to achieve the objective. Results revealed that the adsorbent is very efficient in a wide pH range of 3-11.The adsorption process followed a Freundlich isotherm model signifying that the adsorption took place on the surface in a multilayer form. Kinetic study show that adsorption gained equilibrium within 120 min and it follow pseudo 2nd order kinetics. From this study, it is found that fluoride adsorptive power of common potters’ clay can be improved through surface modification of the clay by supporting ZrO2 particles.


Adsorption; Fluoride; Kinetics;Potters’ clay; Zirconium oxide

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