Fabrication and characterization of composite (nano)polyaniline/polyimide membrane for pervaporative separation of 1-octene/benzene mixtures

Samanta, Monalisha ; Roychowdhury, Sayan ; Mitra, Debarati


The variation of modern separation technology of aromatics/aliphatics mixture is membrane process and development of new membrane materials (polymeric and composite) for high efficiency. Nano-polyaniline has been prepared by bulk polymerisation method and is used for the fabrication of (nano)polyaniline/polyimide ((nano)PANI/PI) composite membrane to achieve pervaporative separation of 1-octene/benzene mixture. Benzene is carcinogenic compound in group 1 of monograph of International Agency for Research on Cancer. Transmission electron microscopy confirmed the generation of (nano)PANI (particle size 8-9 nm). Both membrane and (nano)PANI have been characterised by Fourier transmission infra-red spectroscopy, Scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction and Atomic force microscopy. The swelling behaviour and mechanical properties of the composite membrane are also investigated. Incorporation of (nano) PANI in the polyimide matrix increases the polarity of the membrane, thereby increasing its selectivity towards 1-octene. The highest permeation flux and separation factor achieved are13.88 kg.m-2h-1 and 6.44 respectively at 333 K and 1 mm Hg downstream pressure.


1-octene/benzene mixture; Nanocomposite membrane; Permeation flux; Pervaporation; Separation factor

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