Heterogeneous Fenton process with Fe(III) based catalyst for treatment of textile industry wastewater

Kaya, Sefika ; Asci, Yeliz


In this study, colour and chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal from the textile wastewater by heterogeneous Fenton process have been investigated. Primarily, the Fe(III)/SnO2 catalyst is prepared by co-precipitation method and characterized by BET analyses. The BET analysis results show that the pore size of the Fe(III)/SnO2 catalyst is 2.013 nm and it is classified as a mesoporous catalyst. Then the prepared catalyst is used in the heterogeneous Fenton tests. The effects of the amount of the catalyst, pH of the solution, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) concentration, temperature and reaction time on the color and COD removals have been studied and the optimum conditions are determined. In the optimum experimental conditions (2.0 g/L of 8 wt.% Fe/SnO2, pH 2, hydrogen peroxide concentration 300 mg/L, temperature 35C and reaction time 90 min), 91% colour and 86% COD removal efficiencies are obtained. The COD removal kinetics of textile wastewater is also investigated. It is determined that the removal of COD obeyed the second-order kinetics. Finally, stability and reuse of the catalyst are tested. This catalyst can be successfully used repeatedly and suitable for textile wastewater treatment


Colour removal; COD removal; Fe(III)/SnO2 catalyst; Heterogeneous Fenton; Industrial wastewater

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