Corrosion behaviour of the nickel based materials in an alkaline solution for hydrogen evolution

Đukić, Ankica ; Alar, Vesna ; Firak, Mihajlo


Experimental investigations on the nickel based materials in the form of foam and solid plate have been performed. Their application as the electrodes material in an alkaline electrolyzer has been studied. Corrosion potential and Tafels parameters are defined using DC methods, and Ohmic resistance of the electrolyte using AC methods. Active surface area of the foam is defined using BET method. Obtained polarizations curves result in decrease in the resistance to charge-transfer during increasing of electrodes overvoltage. A 1500 times larger active surface of foam insured higher hydrogen evolution at the same overvoltage. As long as it is used high concentrated aqueous media of wt 25% potassium hydroxide solution, corrosion stability of used electrodes material is the first priority.


Hydrogen; Nickel foam; Alkaline solution; Material stability; Electrolyzer

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