Modeling and gPROMS based simulation of adsorption process for the removal of Cu (II) from aqueous wastewater

Urgunde, Ajay B; Gaikwad, Ravindra W; Hakke, Vikas S; Sonawane, Shirish H; Warade, Annasaheb R


The present work studies the performance of Indion 730 (Strong acid) ion exchange resin for the removal of Cu (II). The modeling and gPROMS based simulation is used to study the sorption capacity, equilibrium, and performances of Indion 730 ion exchange resin. The extraction effectiveness of the resin is studied by using breakthrough curves. The experimental and simulation results were compared. A numerical model is proposed for the investigation of the ion exchange phenomenon using gPROMS using various optimized parameters like flow rate, bed height, and initial concentration of wastewater containing Cu (II) heavy metal ion in the column. For instance, the effects of flow rate, bed height, and inlet concentration of heavy metal on a breakthrough curve are investigated in depth. The results illustrate that the predicted theoretical breakthrough curves show analogous patterns with the corresponding investigational output with a discrepancy of the equilibrium time. The predictions of the model will help to discover the optimal conditions of operation.


Adsorption; Breakthrough curve; gPROM; Modeling; Simulations

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