Qualitative assessment of bioactive compounds of actinomycetes AIA25a isolate using HPTLC and GCMS technique



In the present study AIA25a strain has been isolated from the rhizospheric soil actinomycetes from selected locations of Rajasthan. Antimicrobial activity test of AIA25a against bacterial strains S. aureus (MTCC 3160), P. aeruginosa (MTCC 1688), P. mirabilis (ITCC 425) has been carried out. A good activity is shown by chloroform crude extract against P. aeruginosa (IZ=13.4±0.3mm), moderate activity (IZ=11.1±0.1) is shown against S. aureus and no activity is observed against P. mirabilis strain. Different compounds isolation is executed with the help of chloroform solvent. Using GC-MS identification has been carried out for compounds present in AIA25a strain followed by partial purification of compounds. With the help of HPTLC method partial purification of compounds has been achieved and followed by GC-MS analysis for identification of separated compounds. The Bioautography technique has been applied for the detection of antimicrobial spot of partial purified compounds of crude extract of AIA25a isolate. Results of this study show the presence of various compounds in the rhizospheric soil of Rajasthan.


Actinomycetes; AIA25a; Bioautography; Florescent light; HPTLC; Partial purification

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