Synthesis of biodiesel from non-edible Jatropha curcas oil using potassium hydrogen sulphate-graphene oxide based composite (KHS-GOcat) catalyst

meena, Ramavatar ; Meena, Ajayraj ; Singh, Ankit ; Kholiya, Faisal


A composite (KHS-GOcat) catalyst has been demonstrated for the synthesis of biodiesel using non-edible Jatropha curcas oil (NEJCoil) as feedstock. Reaction variables are optimized, and maximum biodiesel yield 55 ± 5% obtained under optimum [e.g. KHS-GOcat = 20%, temperature = 70°C, time = 5 h and Methanol/NEJCoil = 9:1] reaction conditions. Synthesis of biodiesel has been confirmed by FT-IR, NMR and GC-MS. The essential fuel properties of the resulting biodiesel are found to be within the limits of ASTM specifications. This work opens new research areas on the development of composite catalysts to maximise the biodiesel production.


Biodiesel; Composite catalyst; GCMS; Jatropha curcus oil; NMR

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